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Weekly Meal Plans for Special Diets

Weekly Meal Plans are designed for people with special dietary needs who want more variety and enjoyment from their meals while keeping the meal planning process as easy and streamlined as possible.

Meal Plans are completely customized to your specific dietary needs and personal tastes. Is cauliflower safe for you to eat, but you're bored with your usual routine of steaming? Your customized Meal Plan might include a recipe for roasted cauliflower with tomatoes, garlic and Kalamata olives. Not a fan of Mediterranean, but love Thai food? Then creamy cauliflower soup with coconut milk, ginger and lemongrass would be a better match for you. 

Meal Plans are appropriate for gluten-free, dairy-free, GAPS, elimination diets, LEAP, low FODMAP, candida and myriad other special diets.

* Custom menu and recipes (breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners for 7 days)
* Hand-outs with shopping, storing, kitchen and meal-prep tips and instructions

Documents are sent in .pdf format to view on your electronic device or print as you wish.

Price: $250 per weekly meal plan
Please click here to request a sample Weekly Meal Plan (no charge).

Personal Chef Services

Too busy to cook? Chef Gauguin will prepare custom-designed meals in your home, then store them in the refrigerator for you to eat at your convenience. You'll enjoy new, delectable meals that will invigorate your taste buds while adhering to your specific dietary needs.

* custom menu planning
* shopping for ingredients
* meal preparation in your home
* meal packaging and labeling

Service area includes: San Francisco, Marin County and limited areas of Sonoma County.

Price: Please inquire.

In-Person Cooking Classes

Book an in-person cooking class in your home to learn cooking techniques and new, delicious recipes customized to your tastes and dietary needs. Not only will you learn to prepare specific recipes, you'll also have three hours to tap in to the knowledge of Chef Gauguin's 20+ years of culinary experience. You will learn so much more than what is simply written in a recipe.

* 3 hours of hands-on instruction
* 1-6 students
* 10 recipes (3-4 prepared during class, depending on complexity and skill level)

Service area includes: San Francisco, Marin County and limited areas of Sonoma County and the East Bay.

Price: $350 + groceries

Farmers Market Tours

Learn how to select the freshest, seasonal produce with a customized farmers market tour. While walking the market we'll chat about the best ways to store and prepare produce for maximum flavor and nutrition, and you'll get the chance to ask those culinary questions you've always wanted answered. It's an interactive experience that is as educational as it is fun. 

* 2-hour private tour
* produce seasonality chart for California

Service area includes San Francisco and Marin County.

Price: $200

Grocery Shopping Tours

Learn how to shop for foods that adhere to your special diet and are best for your health and the health of the planet. Depending on your needs, we will discuss topics such as: selecting the freshest and most sustainable fish, choosing ripe fruit, finding the tastiest and most nutritious brands of packaged foods, and making the smartest bulk-bin choices. 

* 2-hour private tour
* 1-2 participants
* hand-outs with smart-shopping tips

Service area includes San Francisco and Marin County.

Price: $200